“U.G.” is the exploratory portrait of the life and ideas of U.G. Krishnamurti (1918-2007), the subversive “anti-guru” who rejected the search for spiritual enlightenment.

Groomed from birth to attain enlightenment, U.G. spent the first half of his life on a ruthless quest for self-realization. In 1967, a life-changing transformation brought his search to a sudden end but he insisted that it was not the enlightenment he had been searching for. For the next 40 years, seekers and cynics flocked to hear his unique brand of anti-discourse. For some, U.G. was a modern-day sage with a unique spiritual message; for others, he was a charlatan, resentful of the gurus he had followed and desirous for an audience all his own. Set within the context of the modern spiritual quest, “U.G.” is an examination of the search for the Self in the age of home video. Juxtaposing the larger history of the search for enlightenment with U.G.’s personal story, the film confronts the cinematic challenges of portraying a self that may not be there.

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